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SUMO Fire Fighting Arduino Robotic Kit

SUMO Fire Fighting Kit

The SUMO Fire Fighting Kit is an autonomous robotic platform that is powered by 4 DC motor gearboxes linked to wheels and rubber tires. The kit has the flexibility of converting into a firefighting robot with the addon of additional parts and sensors.

Features :

  • 4 wheel drive powered by INEX ATX2 microcontroller
  • 2 Infra red sensors for line tracking
  • 1 distance sensor for object detection
  • 20x20cm size and 1kgweight approx. ( Suitable for WRG 1kg sumo weight category )
  • Laser cut chassis
  • Programming in C++ or Arduino Language
  • 6xAA Batteries power or 7.4v LI-PO as power supply

Part List :

  • ATX2 microcontroller board x 01
  • Infrared sensor x 02
  • Touch Switch Sensor x 2
  • GP2Y0A41 distance sensor x 1
  • BO-1 87:1 gear ratio DC Gearbox x 4
  • Sports rim wheel and Tire x 4Plastic Joiner set x 1
  • Strip Joiner set x 1
  • Plastic Spacer Pack x 1
  • Metal Bracket set x 1
  • Nuts and Screws pack x 1
  • SUMO Acrylic Chassis x 1
  • Metal Front Shovel x 1
  • USB MINI Cable x 1
  • 6xAA Battery Holder x 1
  • Screwdriver and Nut Driver x 1
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