Educational Robotic Kits


This is a medium level skilled robot kit in real microcontroller programming, suitable for students in technical colleges as well as universities. The RoboPICA kit uses the PIC Micrcontroller PIC16F887. Builders can write the controlled program in assembly, BASIC and C language. Only BASIC and C program language requires the use of a compiler software. However in this kit all examples are in C language with mikroC compiler from mikroElektronika.

The Robo-PICA robot kit can use this compiler as well. The demo version of Mikro C compiler is used for this robot kit. Builders who need to develop the advance program will need to purchase the full version from MikroE at their webiste. The demo version of mikroC can be downloaded from http://

However in the Robo-PICA robot kit, this software is in the bundled CD-ROM. You must download the mikroC manual latest version from mikroElektronika website. This building manual does not describe all the instructions. Another one tools is PIC microcontroller programmer software.

The Robo-PICA provides a USB programmer. Its function is compatible Microchip�s PICkit2TM programmer. The software can use PICkit2TM programming software. Free downlaod the latest version at

This Kit Includes :

  • RBX-877 PIC16F887 microcontroller Robot controller board
  • More sensors consisting of Switch-IR reflector- IR Objector-38kHz IR module-Remote control, 2 DC motor gearboxes and Mechanical arts for building the robot.
  • Programmed using C language by the MikroC evaluation version.
  • Comes complete with manuals and MikroC evaluation software.
  • USB programmer bundled in this kit

Specifications :
  • Controlled by PIC16F887 Microcontroller
  • Download program via USB programmer
  • Free UART port for interfacing many wired and wireless serial device such as Serial Embedded Bluetooth, XBee, XBee Pro module, ZX-SERVO16.
  • LCD16x2 display
  • Piezo speaker
  • 3-LED
  • 2-DC motors Ports
  • 3-Servo motor Ports
  • 8-Programmable ports
  • Power Supply voltage from 4 of AA battery
  • (Rechargeable 1700mAH recommended)
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